Burn in for the new MQ131 in progress. Still need another 24 hours until we can start looking at actual values.

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Fooling around with Sound Sensors and Ozone Sensor…. Just before we add to the prototype device…

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Hot news: just got a new laser based sensor delivered. Testing to start shortly. Weekly blog update to follow soon – stay tuned

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A quick status update. Our latest set of sensors has unfortunately not yet reached us but hopefully towards the end of the week we’ll get busy again with testing new hardware. Main focus is on sensing further relevant gases besides PM. In the meantime, we’ve started analyzing the data our systems have collected to correlate data and to ensure we’re getting the relevant information.

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Sometimes a bit of improvisation is needed. We call it Sashpi extended edition. Needed more air to reach the sensors at the bottom.

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Managed to get our own prototyping board created running Arduino Mega, prototyping shield and ESP8266. Doesn’t it look great?

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More sensors arrived in the post today…. Time for more testing

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