We have a new about.me page!

If you do not have an about.me page, it is time for you to go and get yours.  We just got ours, you can see it in about.me/sashpi … basically, it is our digital presentation card!  Of course you will get more info about the progress of our journey in this blog and in our website sashpi.com, but about.me is more about a simple presentation.  Let us know what you think!


New sensor arrived, more testing to do!

A first SASHPI prototype and some more updates

Another good week and right on plan we managed to build our first prototype case.  Taking a simple enclosure, all the core Sashpi components were added, openings cut and external power pulled in.  Although a bit rough on the outside yet, this prototype setup now allows us to add more sensors and have them send data on an ongoing basis.

Another area of focus was how to best access the data all the sensors are collecting. We came to the conclusion that a number of graphs will be the best way to visualize the information. A lot of discussion went into finding the ideal combination.

For the coming week, we are working on some core code changes that are required to allow us to easily add further sensors. A volt sensor was just delivered that is waiting to be tested. 

Btw, visit our website www.sashpi.com when you get the chance. We’ve put our vision into words.

How to build the perfect prototype board for Arduino Mega and an ESP8266

We got an Arduino mega, a prototyping shield and an SMD adapter board with an ESP8266 and came up with something marvelous: a perfect prototype board with an Arduino Mega and an ESP8266. In the pictures you see:

  • How we removed the original pins
  • Attached new ones with female pins on the top (read all the way to the end and you will know why)
  • Attached more male-female pins to the Arduino mega prototyping shield, just to be able to swap the ESP8266 with ease
  • Glue a bigger bread board so we have more space for components compared to the original mini bread board that comes with the shield
  • Careful attention paid to the length of the pins as well as making sure they do not touch other components

Weekly Update … lots of progress

Photo 18-4-15 17 11 25Some major achievements this week. More hardware was delivered; we have been hard at work at testing all components and integrating them into our Sashpi platform.

More soldering was done to optimize the boards to build an integrated test unit that can run independently and continuously collect data to set a baseline. We now have a ESP8266 directly mounted to an Arduino Mega 2560.

Our websites got a full re-design and are now carrying our official logo (check http://sashpi.com). We love the new design because it now clearly visualizes the goal of our product but we have lots more ideas to work on.

The next milestone is to build the prototype casing to host the test unit.

Managed to get our own prototyping board created running Arduino Mega, prototyping shield and ESP8266. Doesn’t it look great?

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We have a channel in app.net too

appdotnet-icon-share-large@2xFind us at https://alpha.app.net/sashpi