Another prototype, this time more powerful than ever before!

A second SASHPI prototype being built!
A second SASHPI prototype being built!

We had a busy week and an especially busy workshop day yesterday building our second prototype box.

Although the initial plan was to build two additional systems, we opted for only one at this time but rather integrated all the different sensors (quiet a few to be honest). We are now running 4 air quality sensors while measuring temperature, humidity, air pressure and UV together with some additional data points on system operation; all out of the one system.

Skillful hands were required for soldering the different components together and to connect everything into the Arduino and ESP8266. Initially we didn’t intend to use the Arduino sensor shield but since changed our mind and it proved immensely helpful to simplify the setup and to keep everything organized. Check out the pictures for some impressions how the system on a breadboard transitioned into a clean set up.

The voltage sensor we mentioned in our update last week works perfectly and is also part of the setup, allowing us to continuously measure input power and detect any fluctuations in voltage.

Not to forget, some major improvements were made at the backend on the graph that visualize the data that is being collected. This will enable us to better analyze the information we’re collecting. You can see a sample here!

There are more measurements we want to look into so next week we will be back again at researching what components best meet our requirements.

Have a great weekend.


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